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KairoiSuite is the only cloud-based schedule-optimizing solution that integrates expert analysis of your clinic’s performance with a powerful logistics engine.

It enables providers to schedule based on actual data, resources, and preferences, yielding immediate increases in capacity, productivity, and revenue.

To move patients from door to doctor efficiently, you need to optimize scheduling and patient flow. The benefits:

  • Improved workflow

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved patient access & satisfaction

  • Enhanced revenue

KairoiSuite streamlines your day-to-day operations and improves patient flow, using existing staff and facilities.

Visit Templates

KairoiSuite generates a visit template that is configured based on critical variables including individual provider profiles, visit length and complexity, number of exam rooms, payment source, and more.

Efficiency Dashboards

Finally there is a way to measure how efficiently you move patients from door to doctor, and to understand utilization patterns, with dashboards that give you a weekly and monthly analysis of your clinic’s efficiency.

On-Site Assessment

Real-time observation of clinic operations is unique in the world of scheduling optimization. KairoiSuite’s first-hand observations, coupled with a careful review of historical data, ensure that once implemented KairoiSuite is truly customized to your clinic.



The Kairoi Team

Innovators in Healthcare Systems Management

Senior Management Team

John D. Golenski, EdD

John Golenski brings to Kairoi the perspectives of his diverse background in clinical services management, health policy, physician leader training, and primary care redesign. He has advised hospitals, medical groups, insurers, large employers, and the U.S. and foreign governments in the areas of healthcare delivery and health policy. Read More

Joseph E. Addiego, MD

Joe Addiego’s career combines extensive clinical experience and diverse academic and business roles; his skill set spans managing pharmacy and medical benefits and costs, coordinating working relationships among healthcare professionals, and achieving quality outcomes for physician group practices. Read More

Jeffrey Dao

Jeffrey Dao has some 30 years of experience in the creation and management of emerging technology and new business development, most recently in biotech. A co-founder of Genyous Biomed, he is the former co-CEO and President of Omnitura, a Genyous spinoff developing multivalent immuno-oncology therapies. Read More

Jeffrey D. Wu, MPH

Jeffrey Wu joins Kairoi with a strong background in healthcare IT. After spending six years at Epic Systems, managing and implementing Epic’s suite of surgical products, he moved into data analytics, joining Qlik Tech International as senior solutions architect in the healthcare space. Read More

Executive Advisors

Russell D. Lee, PhD

Russell’s special expertise is in applying transportation logistics to improve patient flow in clinical settings. He has been program development manager at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, Director of Health Systems Innovation at Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center, Read More

Mindy Mount, MBA

Mindy brings to Kairoi her expertise in strategy development, business development, business process improvement, operations, and finance. She is the former president of Jawbone, a company that develops wearable technology; prior to that role she was at Microsoft, Read More

Stanley B. Watson, MD, JD

Stan Watson has unparalleled knowledge of healthcare law as applied in clinical settings. He spent many years as an attorney and litigator with major San Francisco Bay Area law firms, eventually focusing on healthcare issues. Read More

Marjorie Wolf

Marj Wolf is an innovative leader, consultant, and teacher with deep experience in healthcare strategic planning, organizing, fundraising, financial management, construction, and clinical operations. Read More

Dr. Jed Weissberg, MD, FACP

A nationally recognized leader in quality of healthcare, Dr. Jed Weissberg held a variety of executive positions over his 30-year career at Kaiser Permanente from 1984–2014, most recently as Senior Vice President of Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery Excellence. Read More

Alide Chase, MS

Alide served as Senior Vice President of Quality and Service for the national Kaiser Permanente program. She is also an internationally recognized consultant and speaker, frequently addressing international audiences on health care dynamics and global trends. Read More

KAIROI (Greek): Moments of rare opportunity; openings for those who can adapt to change.

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